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Edson coat rack +

Jay Boggo

Renowned visual artist and creative director of the J.Boggo+ brand, he has 25 years of experience in the textile industry. In addition to creating costumes for cinema, theater and television, he shares his story of personal transformation as a speaker at schools, universities and research centers. His abstract art, the result of a journey of self-evaluation, is widely recognized in Brazil and the United States. A multifaceted artist who moves easily between various forms of art.


“Just like the clothes I create and the paintings I paint, my furniture floats through my mind based on my desires, my desires. I imagine the sculpture positioned in my dream apartment, in the city I would love to live in. And there in that place all my art meets and lives in harmony. Unconcerned with pleasing. Just exist.”


Co-creation process

In this collaborative process, documentation becomes an essential tool, recording each stage of creation.

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