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Valdiley+ bookshelf


The MOOC arose from the constant demand and long experience in creating furniture for stores, restaurants and public spaces in numerous projects. (architectural office specializing in retail, working on different scales and types of projects) and the desire to give a life of its own to everything that delights us in this creative process.


"More than a store, we wanted to be a factory of desires, a bazaar of discoveries." In 2013, passionate about this idea, we occupied a warehouse in the former Bhering factory, in the port area of Rio. mooc opened the doors of its first showroom with an incredible atmosphere and plenty of space to display simplicity and good humor.

The invitation to participate in the pallas collection was born from the meeting. with Luis André Guedes and Pablo Vale for a partnership on the Usinas da Paz project in Pará. With this duo we get to know the Amazon a little more, traditional knowledge and the power of Amazonian identity.

Our curiosity, admiration and connection naturally gave birth to this loving team, open to the beauty of this project: Bel Lobo , Fernanda Carvalho , Lola Belchi and Mari Travassos

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Co-creation process

In this collaborative process, documentation becomes an essential tool, recording each stage of creation.

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